Terms & Conditions

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The following terms and conditions and rules relating to Active Monash are important, and we hope that you download and read the documents linked below:

Active Monash - Code of Conduct(PDF, 163KB)

This Code of Conduct has been prepared to set out Council’s expectations of all staff and patrons attending Active Monash facilities.

Active Monash - Conditions of Entry(PDF, 79KB)

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all members and guests, the following conditions of entry apply: 

Active Monash - Membership Terms and Conditions(PDF, 203KB)

Your Active Monash membership agreement is made up of these Active Monash General Terms and Conditions, the Direct Debit Service Agreement and the Membership Schedule (Membership Schedule).

Active Monash - Multi-Visit Pass - Terms and Conditions(PDF, 168KB)

Your Active Monash Multi-Visit Pass agreement is made up of these Active Monash General Terms and Conditions

Active Monash - Pool Party - Terms and Conditions(PDF, 166KB)

Outlines important terms and conditions related to Pool Party bookings.

Active Monash - Stadium Conditions of Use(PDF, 527KB)

In the interest of safety when using the Stadium, we ask that you adhere to important conditions of use

Active Monash - Concession Cards Accepted(PDF, 244KB)

Provides details on what cards are accepted that entitle the customer to concession discounts.  Card must be presented each visit for casual services and when purchasing each Multi-Visit Pass, Membership and when enrolling in Minky Swim School.