Pre-School Swimming Programs

Child in the water with goggles about to swim

Incursion - Water Safety Visit

Our water safety visits provide a fun and interactive experience that comes to you. Preschool students will work together with our mascot, Minky the Whale, and his special helper to learn how to be safe around water. Not only do students learn about how to be safe in the swimming pool, but they will also learn about beaches, rivers, lakes and other aquatic environments. Some lucky students will get to experience the feeling of becoming a lifeguard with our roleplay activities. They will be equipped with rescue tubes, sun-smart hats, rash vests, and lifeguard tops, all things that you would see at our swimming pool.

Our Water Safety Visits are a free of charge educational session and involve dress ups, pictures, colouring material and photos with Minky at the end. Please complete the form for more information or to book a free Water Safety Visit. 

Introduction to Water Session - Preschools & Playgroups

Children and their Parents/Guardians will take part in group activities that will help participants learn important water familiarisation skills. Parents will also receive guidance on correct holds and information on safe water practices that can be used in all aquatic environments.

Students and parents will participate in entertaining activities where they will sing along and enjoy the water-based activities.

Participants will be able to bring the water safety visit to life by having a splash in the water, waving at the lifeguards, and meeting some of our swim instructors. The Introduction to Water session costs $5 per student and the session is 45 minutes.

Please complete the form for more information or to book a free Water Safety Visit. 



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