FMS - Functional Movement Screen


What is FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen, better known as the FMS, is a tool used by health professionals to assess movement and mobility. The overall goal of the FMS is to identify and correct movement limitations that translate not only to sporting activities, but tasks involved in everyday life.

What does the FMS involve?

The FMS is made up of 7 movements:

  • deep squat 
  • hurdle step        
  • inline lunge 
  • active straight leg raises
  • shoulder mobility
  • trunk stabilities push up
  • rotary stability

By looking at these movements, our trainers will observe how the major joints of the body function as an entire unit. We can then identify any limitations and prescribe corrective exercises which will be included within our exercise technique and program show.

How can I book an FMS appointment?

Members can book a re-evaluation of their FMS and program every 6 weeks, which is included in our membership. You can book a 30-minute FMS appointment online or in person at one of our facilities.

Please wear suitable gym attire and bring and a towel along with you.