Funded Memberships

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Active Monash is committed to helping individuals recover from injuries by collaborating with a wide range of providers. If you think you could benefit from our services, we would be happy to help you begin your recovery journey with us.

If you require a quote to send to your provider, please download the form below.

Important information:

  • We require written approval from the organisation that will be funding the membership prior to the membership commencing.
  • Approval must include the membership option being funded, total amount of funding, the client’s claim number, the client’s case manager’s name and email address (and phone number if possible), and full contact details of who to issue the invoice to.
  • Funded memberships must commence within 30 days of approval.
  • Upon receipt of approval, we will issue an invoice to the organisation responsible for funding.
  • Payment must be received within terms indicated on invoice. Active Monash reserves the right to cancel or restrict access for outstanding payments.

Once approved, please call us on 9265 4888 to book an appointment with one of our membership consultants to start the sign up process.  All invoices must be paid within 14 days of the sign up date.

Email our team for all other enquiries.