Term Dates

Minky's Swim School lessons run throughout the year and are broken up into 4 terms. Please remember, classes, do run on Public Holidays. Below you will find our term dates and student enrolment dates. View Express Program details.

Term 1 2022 Lessons
 New Enrolments From Tuesday 4 January onwards 
Start Date:  Monday 24 January 
End Date: Sunday 10 April 
Term 2 2022 Lessons 
 New Enrolments  From Tuesday 11 April onwards 
 Start Date: Monday 25 April 
 End Date:  Sunday 26 June
Term 3 2022 Lessons
  New Enrolments From Monday 27 June onwards  
 Start Date:  Monday 11 July
 End Date:  Sunday 18 September
Term 4 2022 Lessons 
  New Enrolments From Monday 19 September onwards  
 Start Date:  Monday 3 October
End Date:   Sunday 18 December



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