Update to Group Fitness Waitlist

Published on 23 January 2024

Elderly people exercising.jpeg

In September 2023, Active Monash introduced a waitlist feature to cater for the continued growth and popularity of classes. The waitlist offered a fair and efficient way to promote people to class in the event of other participants cancelling their booking. 

We have reviewed the data and pleased to share the following results:

  • From October to December 45,408 people participated in a total of 2956 classes
  • 5236 people utilised the waitlist feature with 2837 of these successfully promoted to a class as a result of another participant cancelling
  • In December, we sent a total of 1422 email reminders to participants that booked, but failed to turn up to their class.

We have listened and made some slight changes

The changes that will be implemented as a result of the feedback and data will help to avail more classes by providing members with more flexibility in being able to cancel their Group Fitness booking up to 1 hour prior to the class.

  1. Members are able to self-administer their cancellation online through ‘My Account’ or call the Centre up to 1 hour prior to the class. 
  2. We will be unable to accept cancellations within 1 hour of the start of the class. Based on feedback this has been determined as an appropriate period of notice for those on the waitlist to prepare and travel to the facility.  
  3. Members who do not attend their booking and do not provide the minimum 1 hours’ notice to cancel will be recorded as a ‘no-show’ and will receive reminder instructions on requirements to cancel their booking.

For the waitlist feature to be successful and to maximise opportunities to participate in classes we ask all members to be considerate with administering cancellations if they are unable to attend. We will be completing further review of these changes and hope to avoid introducing any penalties related to no-shows. We hope with these small changes, it provides greater opportunity for more members to access our facilities whilst still providing the accessibility for members to be able to cancel out of classes they can no longer attend.


General Information regarding group fitness bookings:

  • Bookings open 49 hours to the class start time
  • Bookings can be cancelled up to 1 hour prior to the class starting
  • All participants must collect a ticket prior to the class
  • Participants must arrive on time to join the class