Sustainability Upgrades

Published on 16 March 2022

Plant with light bulb for sustainable environment

The City of Monash has a Zero Net Carbon action plan which aims to reduce the municipality’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the year 2025.  Many of the upgrades will be occurring across our three centres commencing from mid-March through to the end of the June 2022.

The first project to commence will be the replacement of boilers responsible for heating the pool water at the Monash Aquatics & Recreation Centre.  The new boilers will be more efficient and will considerably reduce electricity and gas consumption.

All works are being coordinated to minimise any interruption to service and your experience.  From time to time we do expect to have large equipment and machinery onsite to lift items in to place.  We will have appropriate pedestrian and traffic management plans in place during these times.

We look forward to sharing more information about these exciting projects over the coming weeks.