Member Care

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Our new Member Care Program is guaranteed to help you get started and assist you in working towards achieving your goals.  

1. Health and Success Planning Session   

A Health and Success Planning Session will be your first meeting with one of our qualified gym staff. During this 60-minute appointment, you will discuss your current health and fitness routine, as well as go through any existing health conditions/concerns you may have.

Additionally, you will perform a Functional Movement Screen with 7 simple body weighted exercises to assess movement and mobility. It will identify and correct movement limitations that translate not only to sporting activities, but tasks involved in everyday life. Please wear suitable gym attire for this appointment.

Our gym staff will help you develop a fitness program that is suitable to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We will also suggest any group exercises classes to supplement your training. This is an exciting time as you make the step to become fitter and healthier.

2. Exercise Technique and Program Show     

Wear your gym gear and bring your towel, because the next important step is for one of our gym staff to take you through the program we have designed for you. We will take you through each exercise, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident using the gym equipment. Our trainers will show you correct exercise technique and how to set up the machines. 

Following this appointment, you can be confident you are now right to go on your own and do your gym program. If you get stuck and need to ask a question, one of our trainers will be more than happy to assist.

3. Program Check-in

Time for a quick check in with one of our gym staff who will make sure you are on the right track and answer any questions you have about your health and success plan.

4. Program Review    

Every 8 weeks, you are eligible to have a re-assessment and review your current training program.

Our trainers will discuss ways to challenge you further, and to help you review your progress since you first joined as a member.

This appointment will help you to re-focus and stay motivated towards your goals.


Book an appointment - 

Follow the instructions below to book online or call our team on 9265 4888 to book an appointment.

How to book a gym appointment online

You can easily book an appointment to discuss your health and fitness journey with a gym instructor. Gym appointments are only available to book online for current members. If you are not a member, you can book a membership tour to find out more about joining!

To book, simply make sure you have logged into your My Account. If you don’t have a “My Account” or its your first time logging as an existing member, see My Account about first time access.

Please see the My Account page for details of accessing your My Account and instructions on booking Gym Appointments.