Personal Training Introductory Session Package Promotion

Published on 01 November 2023

Personal Trainer helping a client exercise.jpg

Looking to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself? Join the Personal Training Program at Active Monash! 

For a limited time, receive a FREE bonus PT session when you sign up for one of our intro to Personal Training Programs by Tuesday 14 November. Take advantage of a full the Personal Training experience with four 30-minute sessions tailored to your health goals, for only $99. T&Cs apply.

Benefits of training with a PT:

  • Receive personalised programs that are tailored to your goals
  • Learn to use gym equipment properly
  • Improve general movement
  • Stay motivated with a trainer who will keep you accountable
  • Prevent injuries with a professional trainer by your side

Click here for more information about our Personal Training Program.